I know nothing about KPOP except: it exists, pretty hair, most ppl name begin with J. But intrigued! Is there a primer or a entry level fic or anything?


ANON I love this question but oh my god where do I even begin? LOL!! Ok ok ok. For me the idea is that kpop is more than the music – it’s also the videos, the dancing, the personalities, social media, and variety/reality TV. So here’s a very quick, small list of links to give you an idea about all this nonsense:

Music videos (MVs)

If you follow me at all then you prob already know BTS has been my complete downfall for the past 2 years haha. So here’s Blood Sweat & Tears, aka what if kpop married an art gallery and had a kinky baby. (Am I selling this right?) It’s really beautiful, really sexy, and made me go “what did I watch” about fifty times.

My other fave boyband is Monsta X! For contrast here’s Hero, a really simple, straightforward, dance-focused MV. Also includes abs. They know what they’re selling ok.

From the girl groups, here’s Red Velvet’s Bad Boy, the best r’n’b song this year, CAN U BELIEVE. I love them so much.

And Mamamoo’s Starry Night which is hands-down one of the best looking MVs of the year and super, super catchy.

Stages and variety

Fire dance practice by BTS. There was a phase of my life where I watched this basically daily, ha. The dance practices are really how I got into BTS, not their MVs – I think it’s pretty normal with kpop to try a bunch of things, and then suddenly something clicks. That’s how it was for me and BTS dance practices.

EXID’s DDD dance practice bc ladies in suits!

Awards show performance by Vixx – The Wind of Starlight/Shangri-La stage was just so amazingly beautiful.

Yezi killing the competition on all-female rap reality show Unpretty Rapstar.

GOT7 kissing each other a lot for a radio show ‘punishment’

BTS Run – the infamous cops & criminals role play episode. (Run is SO ADDICTIVE, it’s like 20-25 minutes of skits or activities or games, it’s so good.) (This is 22 min and it’s the longest thing I’ve linked in this post, everything else is really short.)

And a few of my favourite videos of BTS doing dumb things on camera (most of these are old, bc uhhh it’s really late here and I’m looking at old playlists lol) but yes they have a HUGE back catalogue of very short, very funny/candid videos:

Primers and fic and things

I did a kpop starter pack post about a year ago which has short! playlists of all the things I mentioned in this post – MVs, dance practices, variety, etc.

THE BTS primer by @blindmouse​, which was my entry way to the fandom, is amazing.

And she has fic recs too!  As does proteinscollide! 

And just off the top of my head, here’s some really readable fun fics that don’t need much canon info (thx also @flywithturtles​!):

Jfc this post is so long now. If you wanna know more just message me or send another ask I HAVE SO MANY MORE LINKS I COULD THROW AT YOUUUUUU